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2012 marked a breakthrough for Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular for the field of Machine Learning (ML) that deals with algorithms that improve automatically by learning from data. Back then, Geoffrey Hinton and his team at Toronto University managed to design and efficiently implement an artificial neural network on a set of graphics cards of the kind normally used to run the latest and greatest video games. For the first time, a neural network of this kind was fast enough to be trained on millions of images. As a result, their method clearly beat the state of the art in…

Photo by Julia Barbosa on Unsplash

The advent of mobile phones created an explosion of photos taken. In 2017 already, over 85% of all photos were taken by mobile phones. Thanks to better lenses and advances in computational photography, pictures turn out really great e.g. HDR, Bokeh, and Stabilisation.

These high-quality photos, however, are mostly used for sharing on social media where they are automatically downscaled and compressed in order to guarantee fast loading speed and reduce cloud storage costs for the service providers. …

Captural App

The Captural team uses Computer Vision and Machine Learning to allow users to create high quality photo books fast and easily on their iPhones.

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